5 Quick Tips To Build Your Website

Building a website can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are looking to get your business online quickly, cheaply and easily, I have made a list of to-do’s below.

1. Choose A Domain Name
Choosing your domain name will be your first step. Once you have chosen your name, make sure to check it at a domain checker to see if it’s available.

2. Choose A Hosting ProviderImage

Once you have settled on your domain name, you need to choose a website hosting provider. The best search engine friendly and inexpensive provider I have found for any small businesses is on Gybo. It is managed by Google and powered by Intuit. If you have a business that wants to start its first ever website, you will get everything free (domain name and hosting) for one year. After your first year is up, it will only cost $6.99 per month. In my opinion, this could be the best deal out there if you are on a budget and looking for a safe provider-Who’s safer than Google? If you are looking for a more complex website you may want to look at other hosting providers and get yourself a programmer.

3. Map It Out
The next step is to map out your new website. Sometimes it’s easiest to look at other businesses’ websites in your industry and see how they are doing things. I’m not saying you have to copy them, but it will give you some ideas of how you would like yours to be the same or different from your competition. When you have a website map, it establishes an outline of what content you will need to create.

4. Build Your Content
Once you have your website map, it’s time to start building your actual content. You may need to take pictures of your products, building, employees, etc… Just make sure that the pictures are taken at a semi-professional level-Maybe you have a friend that has a nice camera. Have him or her take the pictures for you. Create content that explains who your business is. Create your business’s mission statement, history, what kind of services you provide, what kind of products you sell-anything that will help your website visitor understand who your business is and what your business does. Don’t forget to add contact information so anyone can easily contact you.

5. Publish and Share
Once you have built your website from the ground up, it is time to make it public and share it with the world. Publishing your website is the easy part. Getting people to visit your website is not always easy. There are thousands of ways to share your website, but to keep things general, you can do things like:

  • Add your website to your search engine listings
  • Get your business on a few social media sites and join the conversation
  • Share your website offline (add it to business cards, posters, ads, mail, receipts, etc…)

Good luck with building your website. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. I’m always up for helping someone in need. chandlerfaldet@gmail.com

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